Unusual: Do not Use Your Phone in a Restaurant and Get a Discount

A Los Angeles restaurant offers a discount on the bill to clients who are willing to leave their mobile phones at the entrance to the property. The new method to save a little of your money?

The Eva Restaurant may pose a moral dilemma for people who are addicted to their mobile: this Los Angeles hotel offers a 5% discount on the final bill for customers who are willing to entrust their phone at the reception, before they order their meal.

“We try to create an atmosphere where you have to really enjoy your meal” said the restaurant owner, Mark Gold, in a local radio station. According to him, between calls, SMS, and other check-in comments on Facebook, their clients can’t really enjoy in their meals.

A unique approach to help people save money next relatively high prices today: but some of the users who want to find the excuse to not leave their phones will say that it is only 5% of savings on a $45 bill. However, Mark Gold explains a little less than half of its customers already tried. Could this be the next selling fashionable in restaurants?

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