5 High Tech Advancements Preventing Casino Crooks From Winning

Las Vegas casinos have come a long way since the days when mafia hoodlums and desert burials were used to deter casino cheats and robbers. These days you are far more likely to find a casino owner having a business lunch with an M.I.T graduate discussing security measures.

Casinos now rely on brilliant boffins to create new technologies that help the house beat casino crooks. Here are 5 pieces of casino security technology that have Danny Ocean considering a 9 to 5.

Tracking Chips

Unrelated to how Lady Gaga has been spending her nights recently, tracking chips is in fact one of the new methods adopted by casinos to stop criminals cashing in. Casinos embed RFID microchips within the house chips, which transmit unique serial numbers. Counterfeit chips placed on poker tables or handed to the cashier don’t show up on RFID readers, and the person trying their luck won’t show up at the casino again.

Clamping Down on Casino Crime

Casinos are implementing licence plate recognition technology within their car parks to identity vehicles driven by undesirables. Reading licence plates, the special cameras then the information against a growing database of marked cars. If the licence plate belongs to a known criminal they won’t get past door security. Casino goers: if you borrow someone’s car, ask them to be honest about their past. Casino crooks: perhaps car rental is an option?

You’ve Got a Lot of Nerve Showing Your Face Around Here

New a biometric face recognition technology should make criminals think twice about trying to pull the wool over the eyes of casino owners. High powered cameras take detailed scans of the faces of people entering the casino. The facial snaps are then run against a database of mug shots. If a scanned casino goer has a chequered past, and is one of the unlucky few on record, they’ll be slinging their hook in no time.

One of tech advancements preventing crocks cheating in casinos

TableEye21: Smarter Than Most Crooks

A powerful surveillance tool that can spot card cheats and dodgy dealers, TableEye21 uses real-time card capture to gather data at blackjack tables. The sophisticated software then analyses the captured card and game outcome data, detecting players who seem to possess statistically impossible advantages and poorly performing dealers who may be in colluding with crooks.

Casinos Have Their Angel Eye On You

Angel Eye is an ingenious piece of security kit being used in casinos around the globe. Designed to put an end to card switching at baccarat tables, Angel Eye involves placing invisible bar codes on each card. The baccarat dealer wears a sensor in their shoe, which reads each card dealt and transfers the data to a computer.

At the end of the game the dealer taps a button in their shoe, which prompts the computer to judge what the revealed hand should be. Any differences between what’s on the table and the computer screen leads to security intervention and a general switch in mood.

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