What is the Newest Droid Phone to Set a Trend?

Breakout news and industry buzz about the latest smart phones in the spring of 2013 indicates the newest droid phone of the bunch, the Samsung Galaxy S4, will be continuing the trend of packing the bigger and better technology punch within a smaller casing. The most important consideration is that Galaxy is not about to relinquish its battle to outpace Apple in introducing the latest and greatest features.

It appears Samsung wants to be fully dominant in the “first to market” department, from issuing a bigger screen (5.0 inch display, or full HD of 1920×1080 and 440 pixels per inch, compared to its predecessor S3 (which had a 4.8 inch display, 1280×720 resolution at 306 pixels). In the processor department, the S4 comes in at 1.8 GHz, blowing away to 1.4 GHz speed of its prior model. Some rumors indicated this newest droid phone would go for an 8 core processor, although other observers feel that innovation will be reserved for the soon-to-be released Galaxy Note 3.

One ominous new trend, depending on your perspective about potential surveillance features in smart devices, is the Galaxy S4’s premiere of phone “eye tracking,” a new utility within the phone that would allow its camera monitor your eye movements during your browsing of articles on the Internet. The technology supposed to scroll down the screen automatically in correspondence to the movement of your eyeballs – a concept that makes many feel the newest Druid phone models will be able to do a lot more tracking of human activity than that.

The expansion of features extends to the camera of the Galaxy S4, and which is expected to move up to 13 megapixels (from a prior 8 megapixel camera), 2 GB of RAM installed, and the Android jellybean 4.2 operating system base for this and other of the newest Droid phones.

The longer-term question when it comes to the newest droid phone, be it Samsung, HTC or or other competitor to Apple, is how long customers choosing the non-iPhone line of going to be faithful to it mainly because it’s not an Apple. Is the grudge or dislike of the iPhone that strong, and will ever be replaced by a strong preference for an Android-based phone on its own merits? One observer asserts the “only reason Samsung is so popular, is because they are cheap or free (with contract).” While the Galaxy line has managed to edge ahead of the iPhone in releasing better features, the background brand war issue means it has still got a lot of positive branding work cut out for it.

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