Technology trends that will mark 2017

Smart home systems

If you have not heard of the Internet of Things, then it is good time to become familiar with this concept, because you will soon likely to become part of this community. A large number of technology manufacturers began to specialize in creating digital ecosystem, so that one and the same software and user profile can have access to several different devices.

This includes connecting smart appliances, such as TV and computer, but in recent cases  also the appliances, such as refrigerators or washing machines. Imagine that you go home from work, outside is over 40 degrees, using your mobile phone you turn on cooling in your home even while traveling, so you are welcome with refreshed atmosphere. A dream come true.

Replacement and virtual reality

The so-called augmented reality has experienced a boom when globally popular game Pokemon emerged. People are using their phones to simulate a video game in the real world and carried it with them everywhere. Also, with Samsung Gear system the virtual reality is no longer just a theoretical concept.

It all started last year, and we can only imagine in which direction it will develop in a year ahead of us.

Machines are beginning to learn

We do not believe that everything will end up as the famous movie Terminator, but you might want to be careful when programming the new machines, because the technology is developing in such a direction that machines will very soon start to learn.

Google’s algorithm has come to the point where your personal digital assistant, which you wear on your phone, know exactly what you need at the given moment and what is it that you love, the places you visit and how you spend your time. Simply put, from the submitted materials, the software was able to learn a lot about you alone, without any communication from your self and device.

Therefore, in the future, when we say “smart” phone, to get a whole new dimension.

All can be ordered

Thanks to Uber, a global startup that made it possible to order taxi vehicles at any time from almost every part of the world on your home address. Users have started to get used to the fact that everything can be ordered by using the application on your phone. If you want to survive as a service in the market, you have to be part of this trend, and therefore to transfer part of their service to the mobile platform.

Technological craze is not slowing down. What is certain is that its rapidly evolving and we are increasingly receiving new technology every day.

about the author:

Boris Zegarac is the Founder and Chief Editor of DeviceMondo. He is also web designer/developer and professional blogger. On his free time he likes to play PC games and own noobs. If you would like to reach him prove you are smart enough and assemble this email (nycboris at yahoo dot com).