// CES 2013 – SpareOne Plus, The Emergency Telephone With Geolocation

Life of five years with a single AA battery, emergency calls without a SIM card and geolocation: the SpareOne Plus is not a smartphone, but according to its designers it is an ideal solution in case of emergency.

XPAL the U.S. company has developed a machine of the same name dedicated to emergency situations. At CES in Las Vegas, they presented the Plus version of this handset powered by a single alkaline battery (LR6), inaugurating a function geolocation to determine the location of the user when activated.

Under its domestic air handset, the SpareOne is a mobile phone, according to its designers able to remain functional for fifteen years with the same battery. Its autonomy is limited to ten hours. With a shortcut key to emergency call services like 911, SpareOne is precisely designed to work without a SIM card (even if it is possible to add one) and be fully operational.

Running on GSM networks, which assures compatibility with theoretical mobile networks around the world, he just comes in a plastic case that ensures the seal up to 1 meter, and would even make a call when submerged. On top part of this phone, it also features a small LED lamp allowing users t use him as flashlight. The SpareOne would therefore be an ideal solution for long-term travelers, business travelers in hostile countries or simply household use. The device is sold 99 dollars in its basic version.

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