Old PCs are no longer enough – Choose the right hardware

As much as we are used to “good old” laptops and operating systems on which we have worked for years, from the computer, as well as from other devices, cars and tools – are expected to follow the rhythm of the user, and not the opposite. Although work on them over time becomes very established and well known, and does not require learning and mastering new features, it’s a skill to recognize that the computer is still really efficient and productive as it should be. It is worth asking is whether the data on your computer is safe enough, and how much new information, entertainment and creativity our device really gives.

What is “good enough” when it comes to PC solution?

The recent emergence of the Windows 10 operating system, greatly changed the way we think about computers and we work on them. The latest operating system created as a platform fully adapted to the principles of mobility and use of cloud services, with which all devices and applications operate synchronized and safely.

Innovative Windows 10 devices can certainly boast a battery that will last long, either at work, lectures, on the road and at home, as well as a powerful multi-core processors that will ensure that the machine does not get tired despite numerous programs running simultaneously .

Some Windows 10 devices are not just laptops, but also tablets, where a special flexible design allows the screen to rotate 360 degrees, or completely separated from the keyboard. The screen is also easy to use in many different ways, for comfortable viewing video content or as tablets. In addition to individual devices is possible to use a digital pen, which opens up completely new dimensions using a computer thanks to the Windows Ink function.

Imagine the work without having to remember and typing passwords to access different sites and services! Devices with the latest Windows operating system with features and applications such as Windows Hello enabling easier and safer application and unlock view or fingerprint, makes using your computer safer than ever.

Search data, collaborate on projects, connect with people around the world – has never been faster, more flexible and more personal than with the help of new Windows features and Microsoft Office, and in particular the Office 365 applications, customized to users so that in everything they do achieve more and better results .

Depending on the type and class of device, the choice of options that facilitate and enhance the user experience is almost unlimited.

What devices we have on market

In diverse and comprehensive offers you can find hardware such as the Asus Eee UX360 (GPC), HP Spectre x360 13 OLED (GPC), Lenovo YOGA 900 13 (GPC), Dell XPS 13, Lenovo Miix 310, the Lenovo Yoga 510, HP Pavilion x360 13. With the help of these Windows 10 computers you will be available to use the latest features that make computing more fun, faster and more efficient.

ASUS Eee Flip UX 360 is an ultra-slim, sleek and sophisticated laptop or tablet, depending on when and how you are planing to use it. Extremely practical, versatile and easy to use thanks to the rotation of the display 360 degrees, weighs only 1.3 kg with battery, whose length reaches 12 hours between charges. The speed, quality and reliability performance guarantee super fast 512 SSD, 16GB of RAM memory and sixth-generation Intel Core i7 processors, with the best solution for the operating system – Windows 10 Home.

ASUS Eee offers the best solutions and innovations in the field of connectivity across multiple and diverse ports for connecting various devices and super fast data transfer. Audio and video performance are proverbially excellent for Eee family of devices, and the extraordinary sensitivity and precision of the screen make it very effective to use touch feature. In the end, the best Windows 10 experience is guaranteed with the help of Continuum mode, thanks to which you can freely and immediately switch from laptop to tablet function, and vice versa – always provided with optimal working conditions and in one and in the second mode of usage.

Another remarkable model, which includes the ability to rotate the display and 360° is the HP Spectre x360, beautiful design model, amazingly thin and light, with a battery that can last up to 15 hours between charges. Seventh Generation Intel Core processors, up to 16GB of RAM, fast PCIe, and Windows 10 OS will provide you with working conditions in which success and quality is always guaranteed.

Visibly recognizable and different from the competition Lenovo Yoga 900 is incredibly thin, flexible and elegant. With the possibility of rotation screen 360°, a design that attracts attention, and personalized features of Windows 10, this 2-in-1 is designed to be your constant companion and trusted executor of tasks.

Lenovo Yoga 510 is designed for those who want to be different, 14-inch Yoga 510 has a unique palm rest in the form of diamond. Thinner and lighter than the previous generation, with double space for storing data, this model reduces the need for additional equipment. A key feature comes with a 40% faster charging compared to regular laptops where the battery can be filled to its maximum capacity of only 2.5 hours and provide the ability to work over the next 8.5 hours, before the next charging. Fast, efficient and flexible hardware, as well as the best operating system running Windows 10 – make this the right choice for those who want something more than a laptop.

HP Pavilion x360 – ideal laptop designed for work, viewing content, gaming and mobility. Thanks to the 4 modes of installation and handling which works perfectly, as well as batteries that can withstand and over 9 hours of use between charges, this laptop is another great example of technology for which Windows 10 is an ideal combination.

Dell XPS13 the smallest 13-inch laptop in the world, but also the first notebook in the world with InfinityEdge monitor. Top UltraSharp QHD + 3200×1800 resolution monitor comes with the option to upgrade to the level of detail of a whopping 5.7 million pixels (276 ppi). Clear visibility of content is achieved thanks IGZO IPS panel, a suitable width viewing angle of nearly 170°. Differences in comparison to other laptop panels and comes with 400 nits brightness, resulting in a significantly better visibility even in working outdoors. The brightest of the bright and the darkest of dark colors are visible thanks to the color range of 72% and contrast ratio of 1000:1. The screen is also very sensitive to a different set of contacts, as well as an optional touch display, all of which provides a more natural interaction with technology. Dell’s security features, and excellent compatibility with Windows 10 system, makes this laptop, one of the best choices to work in any environment.

In the category of super practical, efficient and cost-effective tablet and PC we have Lenovo Ideapad Miix 310, 10-inch device exceptional mobility. This device comes with a detachable keyboard which helps in easy transfer from PC to tablet mode and vice versa, a battery with a length of up to 10 hours, consists of work on this device extremely easy and convenient.

In short, devices with Windows 10 simply provide more, and here you can see that in most cases they are even better replacement then Apple Macbook Pro or Macbook Air.

about the author:

Boris Zegarac is the Founder and Chief Editor of DeviceMondo. He is also web designer/developer and professional blogger. On his free time he likes to play PC games and own noobs. If you would like to reach him prove you are smart enough and assemble this email (nycboris at yahoo dot com).