// CES 2013 – More Resistant Gorilla Glass 3

Corning took advantage of CES 2013 to announce a new generation of its resistant glass, the “Gorilla Glass 3” with Native Damage Resistance. Announced last year, the Gorilla Glass 2 brought the same strength as its predecessor but with a thickness of less than 20%. This year, the new generation promises for its resistance three times!


Gorilla Glass 3 consists of alkali-aluminosilicate glass reinforced using a process called ion exchange. This glass is immersed in the molten salt at 400°C, which causes the replacement of sodium ions by larger potassium ions.

In this case, the new generation of Corning glass resists breakage to a pressure of 45 kg per square centimeter and is more resistant to scratches. And if some scratches are made they are less visible and less weaken the rest of the glass. While Gorilla Glass 2 already resisted rather well to key strokes and even metal scissors, Gorilla Glass 3 should ultimately withstand sand, harder materials, which often slips into pockets or bags, where we place our mobile devices.

Gorilla Glass 3 is now available to manufacturers, but Corning is not yet able to announce partnership. Note however that many manufacturers are already using the Gorilla Glass 2 and they have a great chance to adopt a successor for their future products.

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