// CES 2013 – Lightning, Bluetooth, NFC and Inductive Charging in iLuv

iLuv unveils four new speakers and docking stations particularly varied for all people. Products that arrive in the course of the year, at prices not yet announced.

The docking station MobiRock is just test example, operated via Bluetooth and it includes a host platform suitable for all smartphones, even the largest ones called phablets. No dock here: the surface is magnetized and the device is in place. In addition, the reception area has NFC capabilities and a Qi inductive charging. Currently, there are few smartphones rechargeable through it, but the owners of Lumia 900 and Nexus 4 may enjoy without adding special hull. The station is also equipped with a USB port for charging other devices in a more traditional way.

Docking station MobiRock

The Aud 5 Speaker Dock is very similar to MobiRock, but on the other hand is primarily intended for recent iOS devices because of its connection Lightning. It contains the same controls as the previous station, and a 3.5 mm input jack for listening to music from another audio source than an Apple device.

Aud 5 Speaker Dock

For its part, the MobiAria mainly focuses on Bluetooth, despite the presence of a USB port for recharging device and an auxiliary input in the absence of Bluetooth. NFC connectivity is also present, and it comes in handy in the absence of location to install the device.

Newest, the enclosure Syren offers a 360 degree sound in a small size. Bluetooth and NFC are always on, and the enclosure includes a Li-ion battery that allows it to be transported in use.

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