iRobot Braava jet 240 Mopping – Perfect for your kitchen or batroom

iRobot became known thanks to its range of cleaner robot Roomba. And its new Braava Jet should attract the curiosity of clean floors lovers.


Laminate flooring certainly looks beautiful, but needs to be cleaned often. Especially if you keep your shoes on or you have animals. The iRobot company, which became known with his cleaner robot Roomba, has thought about the inconvenience.

The company specializes in years of cleaning, and handles many parts of the house (ground pool, gutter …). The Braava jet is intended for smooth floors and allows mopping with three cleaning modes: water, wet or dry wipes. With its small measurements (17 × 17.8 × 8.4 cm), this robot of just over one kilogram can sneak around your rooms without problems. The cleaner is integrated directly with the brush attachment, which prevents it from dispersing into the machine.


The Bravaa Jet is intended for small apartments or for cleaning a particular room. Scooba range is intending to larger spaces. Its 150ml of water tank is used to clean approximately 14 square meters of floor or more than 18 m2 in wet or dry mode. Ideal for rooms like the toilet or the bathroom, whose corners are sometimes difficult to reach.

No need to be a genius to use it since it has only one button, which is used to start up the iRobot Braava Jet. Sold at 199 dollars, which is less expensive than other models of the brand, it can not return itself to its charging station or be controlled remotely.

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