Invisible Smartphones to the Naked Eye could Soon Become Reality

In the laboratories of Taiwanese Polytron Technologies a new type of device is being developed that would be composed solely of a glass panel invisible to the naked eye, but also hide components necessary for its operation.

Through the use of technology for the development of new generation of display, the company has produced some prototypes of smartphones entirely made of glass, with the minimized internal circuitry; internal components would be so small as to be hardly visible to the naked eye, via some technological solutions capable of having differentiated manner in the liquid crystal molecules in the glass, the device will be invisible when switched off.

The basic technology is a special type of glass called “Polyvision Privacy Glass” that becomes completely transparent when a potential difference is applied between the two electrodes. The device, once ignited, the random orientation of the molecules makes it that the light rays are almost entirely rejected, making the panel almost completely invisible.

What until recently it could be just science fiction, could become reality in the near future, though scientist need to solve some problems, first of all they need to improve the technology used for the construction of the first prototype, and find a solution that will make other elements such as SIM card and battery completely invisible, which are clearly visible in the demonstrations carried out by the company.

At demonstration carried out by Polytron Technologies we can see that the battery is placed in bottom right corner while SIM card is located in bottom right corner of this invisible smartphone. Also if we compare it to the palm of the user who made this demonstration we can see that this device screen will be around 6″ which match to today’s so-called phablets.

This technology will certainly become more interested to general public as it gets new improvements and we should see first devices pop-out in next 5 years. What do you think, would you buy an invisible smartphone?

about the author:

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