How Can 4G Mobile Broadband Help Me and My Business?

As businesses expand into the global marketplace, employees will expect to be able to access their email and other data while at home, across the country, or across the world. By switching to 4G technology, not only can business owners expand the productivity of their employees, but employees will be able to more efficiently work away from the office anywhere they have access to a mobile network. Besides these, 4G offers business owners many other benefits.

More Reliable

Anyone who has tried to use mobile broadband on a 3G device during peak load times knows that speeds can slow to a crawl, and in the worst case scenario the networks can drop entirely. 4G has much higher bandwidth and throughput, allowing more users to be on the network simultaneously with little or no difference in speed. When employees need to submit a file to a client and it has to get there on time, 4G can make the difference in ensuring its timely arrival. Besides better uptime, the 4G standard is being rolled out worldwide, so even with a global workforce, everyone can stay connected.

Real-Time Mobile Backup

In the past, for employees to synch data onto their mobile devices they had to be physically present with their workstation. With the move to 4G mobile broadband, this system is a thing of the past. Now, employees will be able to move files to and from their workstations to their mobile devices and back from anywhere in the world. Even more useful is software many companies are developing that allow automatic data backups both to and from a mobile device.

A More Mobile Workforce

Giving employees access to 4G devices can unlock the potential for a much more flexible and mobile workforce. With a 4G phone or wireless hotspot, work can be done from anywhere from a home office to a coffee shop. Studies have proven that worker productivity and satisfaction increase if given the option of telecommuting, so providing them with the tools to maximize their productivity while out of the office makes sense. Allowing employees real-time access to email and other work updates also serves to maximize their efficiency while doing things outside of work.


The growth in popularity of video conferencing was a hallmark of the business world in the 1990s and continues to be popular today for companies with global offices. Mobile devices utilizing a 4G network have the ability to transform the video conference call into something much more useful: real-time videoconferencing by employees in the field, on assignment, or anywhere in the world. The speed of 4G networks allows for streaming of high-definition video content, and many new mobile devices are equipped with front-facing cameras specifically for the task of videoconferencing or chat.

International Compatibility

Today, there are some issues with compatible frequency bands internationally for accessing 4G networks, but handset manufacturers — especially among enterprise-grade handsets — are moving toward devices that will work on multiple different bands. However, even right now a 4G device will at the very worst be able to access the 3G network wherever its owner may be. By researching which frequency bands are used where, business owners can maximize their international 4G coverage for their employees.

Why Switch?

At the end of the day, 4G mobile broadband is an emerging technology that is proving itself to be powerful for both business and personal use. Stronger and more reliable networks, real-time file sharing and synchronization, a mobile workforce capable of videoconferencing on the go and international compatibility are just some of the benefits this new technology has to offer.

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