How to get most of cash from your used smartphone?

Having new smartphones popping out every few months or even weeks its hard for us to decide which one to use. How many times it have happened to you to buy a new Samsung smartphone and then, few months later a new versions comes up with features you really wanted to have. It would not be the problem if that smartphone cost only few bucks, however these smartphone are not cheap and most of them cost over $800, so spending that amount of money is not easy.

So how to have newest version of your favorite smartphone without worrying about the money? The answer is Flipsy! Flipsy allows you to sell or trade your old smartphones without having to deal with any fees on eBay or strangers on Craiglist.

At this moment, with Flipsy you can look up pricing for iPhones, iPads, Consoles, Books, Macs, BlackBerries, Samsung Phones, Motorola Phones and HTC Phones. The process of selling your used smartphone is quite simple. For example if you want to sell your used Apple iPhone, first choose the iPhone model you want to sell and Then select the service provider.Last specify the capacity of your iPhone model and then find the best offer for you. Once you got redirected to specific web site follow the prompts and get paid for your used iPhone.

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