Air conditioner with size of toaster humidifies and purifies the air

Most so-called portable air conditioners stretch the definition of “portable” but the Evapolar is not one of them. With its small size and shape of toaster, the unit packs an evaporative cooling system to cool and humidify the air, while a nanomaterial evaporation based on basalt fiber that was developed for the Russian army to help clear the air.


Office units that humidify and purify the air, and maybe even offer some cooling, have been around for some time. But most have little effect, except in a very small space. The Evapolar is essentially like having an evaporative cooler in a mini-window that you can unplug and take with you, but it is potentially more effective and healthier.

The Russian team responsible for the device has experience in the production of evaporative materials for industrial air conditioning systems and say the evaporation nanomaterial-based basalt fibers that form the essential part of the unit proven in industrial air conditioners in the Moscow metro a number of years.


Its creators say the 1680-g (59 oz) of the unit is 12 times more energy efficient than traditional air conditioning split system, the consumption of up to 10 W and boasting a maximum power cooling of 500 W. Running off AC power, the measurement device itself 160 x 160 x 165 mm (L x W x H) and has Awater capacity of 710 ml container (24 oz), which should provide about six to eight hours cooling. The company also says it may drop the temperatures up to 17° C (30.6° F), but it is only in very dry and hot conditions, with the decline in the average temperature around 6 to 8° C (10.8 to 14.4° F).

Retail price of Evapolar starts at $179. Currently color options are limited to black or white, but more are planned for the future.

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