10 Apple iPad Waterproof Covers

Your iPad will not stay on the coffee table this summer and it is likely that you will take it with you onto the beach. To protect the tablet from the sand and splashing, here is our selection of iPad waterproof covers.


Aishell iPad Waterproof Case

The Aishell waterproof case was developed specifically for people practicing water sports and can’t be separated from the iPad. The blister provides effective protection of the tablet. All connectors are easily accessible.

Bluestork Pad Proof


The Bluestork Proof Pad is a waterproof bag for your iPad. Note that you can insert the Apple Mini model, but also tablets from other manufactures in the market. A Zip and Velcro closure system ensures a tight seal.

Case Logic iPadW-101K


The screen of your iPad will be perfectly usable when placed inside the Case Logic iPadW-101K case. You can also access the start button and home button. The case is 100% waterproof.



The DRiPRO D7 iPad waterproof case can actually store any 10″ tablet, including the iPad 2, of course. With this waterproof case you can take your iPad up to ten meters deep. The cover comes with an audio cable and waterproof headphones.

Griffin Survivor


The Griffin Survivor Case which you can buy at Amazon is a heavy duty model that can protect your iPad from bumps, dust, sand and splashing. The case has a removable foot to put the tablet on the desktop when you watch videos.

LifeProof LifeJacket


The LifeProof LifeJacket cover which you can buy at Amazon is used in addition to LifeProof NUUD cover. It allows your iPad to remain on the surface if it falls into the water. Ideal for those who want to use their tablet on an air mattress or boat.

LifeProof NUUD


The LifeProof NUUD which you can find on Amazon, is a waterproof cover that protects your iPad from snow, water or dust. A must accessory for users who travel on the beach. Even protected, the tablet is perfectly usable.

LifeProof iPad Mini Fre


The cover LifeProof iPad Mini Fre uses the same assets as NUUD, but adapted to the iPad Mini. The tablet is protected from most damages and all buttons are accessible and intuitive touch interface retains its side.

Peli 1065


The Peli 1065 is a real protective case so you can carry your iPad safely. The accessory is perfectly watertight and also absorbs the impact. Protection withstands extreme temperatures from +49° to -23°.

Scuba Box


The housing Scuba Box is waterproof to one meter deep. It may therefore assist you in the hot tub, but not diving. The presence of waterproof protection does not affect the usability of the Apple tablet.

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