Viber presented “secret messages”

Vibera users have finally get the ability to send photos and video records that can't disappear immediately after the examination.

Snapchat a few years ago popularized self-destructive messages so this option has become especially popular among teenagers who are able to send "freer" photos without fear of them seeing other people other than the owner of the phone.

A few seconds after receiving the messages, or photographs, they disappeared from the phone so that no one could see him — eventually Snapchat became much more than a platform for sending self destructed messages, while this option is already presented by other businesses and services, and from two days ago with the ability to send photos and video records that disappear a few seconds after opening them also become available at Viber.

After taking a photo or video-records (within the Viber application) in the upper-right or lower-left corner of the icon will appear in strikethrough hours through which users can choose the time after which the image or video to delete from the phone recipient after they open them – after 1, 3 or 7 seconds.

Although Viber is late with the launch of these options, it is certain that will quickly become popular with millions of users of this service for communication.

Self destructed messages, i.e. "secret messages" as they are called in this company, is not the only novelty that has become available to users with the latest upgrade of the application. Viber pictures and video records can now be sent in full size, without a reduction in quality – it is necessary to click on the three dots that are located below the bar for entering text and when it opens more options , click on the "Send as a multimedia file".

As files are sent at full size, in the case of mailing of longer video-records (or more), if you use the mobile internet take care with the consumption of internet traffic, and if you receive a file like this, keep in mind that they take up a lot more memory compared to classic video-records and photos that are sent through these communication platforms.

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