Your Facebook News Feed will no longer be the same as before

The largest social network changes the algorithms to recognize suspicious content and ranks them lower in comparison to other posts.

It is still debated whether the fake news on Facebook affect the presidential elections in the United States and whether it will have an effect on parliamentary in Germany. However, under threat of penalties and fines Mark Zuckerberg must seek to remove the weed from his social network.

Now it’s turn came to algorithm for News Feed, which was changed to inciting legit viral content. Not only will the fake news be imperceptible, but will be reduced even the visibility of articles with excessive (clickbait) titles for which we are sure you are seeing every day on your Facebook wall.

The changes would also give preference to viral stories, and announcements on the pages of individuals or topics on Facebook that attract a lot of attention, will get a better position on personal News Feed.

about the author:

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