Samsung is About to Launch a New Range: Samsung Galaxy O

Samsung headsets caused the major public interest in Android Smartphone. Samsung became a famous Smartphone when it first released its Galaxy series. Just recently Samsung sold its last mobile (Galaxy S6) of its most popular series, called Galaxy S. Most of us are hoping that maybe after Galaxy S6 there will be Samsung Galaxy S7. It was a rumor but Samsung has confirmed that it will soon be launching two models, SM-G550 and SM-G600. Model SM-G550 will be named O5 and other one O7. It is not confirmed that it can be a standalone gadget but Samsung is bringing new technology every year. After the end of S series it is moving towards new devices which will bring change and may result in fall of iPhone market.

Samsung Galaxy O seriesMost of us haven’t even heard about these models but Samsung has already released Galaxy S, Z, E, A, J. Sounds amazing right? Galaxy Z and E fall into economic quality and prices. Although Samsung is an only competitor against iPhone and its new model Galaxy S6 is released just at the same time when iPhone6S is released. According to critiques Samsung Galaxy O is a series of phones aimed at virtual reality. Samsung will announce about the releasing date of this series but it is still unknown what ‘O’ stands for. But many researchers suggest that Samsung’s recent partnership with Oculus has encouraged them to create a couple of versions of the Gear VR (virtual reality). There is also a rumor now a days that may be Samsung Galaxy O is nothing but a standalone headset where you do not require phone, unlike the Gear VR. Samsung has already promised to launch Gear VR very soon but may be it will be in the form of a new technology which we have never seen before. It is a mystery and it will be a mystery but not for very long about what is Samsung is developing right now after launching its most famous S6.

Galaxy S6 is something we had never expected before; after the features and curved screen has increased Samsung sale. Until now Samsung has sold approx 25 million boxes of Galaxy S series. So people are now looking for something new, and with Oculus partnership they are holding a developer conference “Connect2” in early October, where Samsung will release the Gear S2 smart watch and most of us are hopping that we hear about Galaxy O series and what it will be like.

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