Samsung S Orb: create spherical images from Galaxy Note 3?

Not too much information’s have beenĀ revealedĀ about Samsung Galaxy Note 3, however a new rumor suggests that the device could pick a new implementation developed by Samsung: the applications named S Orb, which is a response to Google’s Android Photo Sphere .

Embedded in Android 4.2, Photo Sphere allows users to create 360 degree panoramic pictures model that offers Google Maps. According to a new rumor, Samsung prepare its own alternative, which could be embedded for the first time inside Galaxy Note 3.

Named S Orb, this service would be similar to that of Google, even if we imagine that Samsung will incorporate a personal touch, including optimization of sharing on social networks, according to information reported by Pocket Now website.

For now, we do not know when the Galaxy Note 3 will be announced, but probably not for the next several months. The Galaxy Note 2 had been unveiled at IFA in September, which leave us in believe that it may happen to Galaxy Note III too. It should also be noted that Android 5.0 will be unveiled in May and, consequently, Samsung could offer such a feature in connection with the new version of the OS.

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