Samsung HomeSync – Content from your Android on your TV

On MWC 2013 we mostly seen smartphones and tablets announcements, but we also have seen accessories such as wireless charger from LG. Today, Samsung have revealed small device called Samsung HomeSync which allows you to view the contents of your Android directly on your TV.

After unsuccessfully launch of Google Nexus Q, most people will agree that Samsung HomeSync is something useless because most smartphones now have a HDMI access allowing them to content smartphone to TV.

But in this case, the product is a bit more practical because Samsung HomeSync allow you to connect to your TV without physical connection. You can also navigate by using your smartphone as a touchpad, as a mouse pointer or as the Wii controller.

Device visual design is nothing innovative such was Google Nexus Q but technical characteristics are really impressive. To better visualize how it will work, you can take a look at the video of grip produced by The Verge.

Running under Android Jelly Bean, you can download Android applications directly from the Google Play Store. You can create up to eight accounts for the whole family so that everyone can transfer content from their smartphones, tablets or other devices.

Inside Samsung HomeSync you will find the a 1TB hard drive, dual core processor clocked at 1.7 GHz and 1 GB RAM. It also has 8 GB of flash memory. Here is the complete specifications.

Samsung HomeSync specifications

Samsung HomeSync Availability and prices

Samsung TV Box will be available in April in some countries and the price has not been revealed.

We hope to see more details about this device, untill then we recommend you to read on how to control Android from PC tutorial.

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