Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover – Review Sample

Got yourself a new Samsung Galaxy S4 and you do not want to scratch it? If so then you should look for quality cases or cover that can protect your new Galaxy phone from damage. Using a good cover you can also add more life to your phone. The back of the Galaxy S4 is also very fragile and can easily get covered with scratches. This is why it is a good idea to use a good coverage that can provide extra protection. There are different types of cases and covers available these days and in this quick review coverage we will take a look at Galaxy S4 Flip Cover thanks to our friends from who have provide us with review sample.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover consists basically of two parts, the front and rear cover. The front cover is made of a quite nice rugged plastic, almost like it’s some kind of fabric. On the front cover you will find one open hole located at the top which allows you to hear the person you are talking with even with cover on. Next to that you wont find any other opens. By the way, the front cover on the inside has a soft layer. The idea of this soft layer is that it does not rub the Galaxy S4 screen.

The back is smooth and made of hard plastic and it includes two opens, one located at the top of cover is for camera and second one located at the bottom left corner for rear speaker.

The entire cover design nicely follows the curves of Galaxy S4, so it will fit nicely inside this cover and it will look like it’s the part of your phone and not some additional accessory. The good thing about this Galaxy S4 Flip Cover is that it wont change the visual design of your phone.

With this cover you will have your new Galaxy S4 protected at all times, combining quality materials with a flawless finish. We suggest you to buy this Flip Cover and discover the full protection you can have on your new Samsung Galaxy S4.

Again we want to thank to our friends from for the test sample. If you are looking for this same cover for your Samsung Galaxy S4 you can buy it from this web store. For more details about this phenomenal Galaxy S4 Flip Cover take a look at our galaxy below.

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