Galaxy S3: S4 features added in a future update

Most of Android users don’t really care too much about the UI they have on their smartphone devices because they mostly use them to make phone calls, send messages, follow Facebook updates, download Google Play games, etc… But if you really do care about UI and you have Samsung Galaxy S3, then prepare your phone for the biggest upgrade that it received so far.

The next version of firmware for Samsung Galaxy S3 suggests significant upgrades to this version of Samsung smartphone. The company plans to offer a features which were previously reserved for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Thanks to website SamMobile to who we owe this information: they got their hands on the update that will soon be offered on the Galaxy S3. This update brings TouchWiz overlay with features previously reserved for the S4 such as: new lock modes, new widgets, tab-based interface, redesign screens settings – but also control certain functions of phone with voice, updated S-Voice or smart switch widget.

SamMobile created a video which gives us an idea of what this new updates is gone bring to Samsung Galaxy S3, and even offers the new firmware for download. Beware, however: it is still in test phase and Samsung should officially release Android 4.2.2 at the beaging of June. The installation process is not that complicated and if you are one of users that won’t to have latest features from Samsung Galaxy S4 on their Galaxy S3 then head to this page and download it.

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