Galaxy S4 catches fire while charging

The owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4, Sarah Shurrab, was awakened in the night by a bad smell coming from his device during charging that has suddenly started to produce a smoke.

When Shurrab¬†disconnected the charger he has found that both, the cable and the input port of the charger were totally burned, “I can not express my extreme frustration, disappointment and fear when I found my Galaxy S4 burned” he said.

When he went to his dealer that could not do anything to him (they only offered a repair). Shurrab also wrote a letter to Samsung attaching a fair number of photos to give a better idea what have happened to his Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Koreans are immediately replaced the smartphone and the flip cover, despite the replacement, we had no chance to see the latter so we can discuses more about it.

Galaxy S4 catches fire while charging

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