Samsung Galaxy S3 – Nexus 4: Wireless Charger Finally Official

Even if the wireless charging that currently exists mostly on Nokia devices did not create huge boom at users, but it seems that this new mode of device charging is becoming more and more popular. In any case all new smartphones offer this new accessory and are equipped with the minimum standard that allows the Qi wireless charging. Nexus 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 both received their official WiFi charger.

Galaxy S3: the wireless charger is on the way

Almost a year after its announcement, the Wireless charging kit for Galaxy S3 is finally here. Well almost! Samsung has just filed with the FCC, the U.S. regulatory authority. With a coil of copper required for the process of charging by induction, it seems ready to be marketed in very short time.

Samsung Galaxy S3 WiFi charger

Nexus 4: Orb is on the Google Play Store

Google Play Store has just added another accessory alongside Nexus 4 and Nexus 10. The wireless orb charger where the Nexus 4 may be asked to be recharged Wirelessly.

Nexus 4 WiFi Charger

Nexus 4 Wireless charger by design seems much more appealing compared with Galaxy and with inclined surface it allows you to continue to see the screen of the Nexus without too many problems. It is currently only available in the USA, but it will soon become available to the rest of the world.

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