What we can expect from the new Samsung S8?

New Samsung S8 should be presented in late March, but until then we can only assume what brings new AI assistant, for which the leaders of Samsung in November announced that this device will set aside over the competition

For we believe that assistant will  be called Bixby, or maybe just Biggs. The name of Kestrel is also registered, but some are convinced that there will be a male and female version of the assistant who will be based on the platform Viv Labs, a company in San Jose that Samsung took over last year, reports the site The Verge.

S8 may have a special button to start the assistant. According to announcements from Samsung, users will reportedly be able to use S8 camera for visual search. This could mean optical character recognition, for example, scan a document in the search for the key term or purchase goods by simply clicking the camera, and in this case Bixby would be helpful for processing payments.

The software will reportedly support seven or eight languages, and if all these rumors are true, then users will be able to integrate mobile device with other gadgets in the home using this assistant.

All we have left now is to wait a little more than a month to see what S8 will bring us.

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