REVIEW: Typeeto

Typeeto makes it possible to transform your Macbook Air or Macbook Pro into a virtual bluetooth keyboard, by connecting it to an iPhone, an iPad or any other Bluetooth device.

It can be very frustrating having your computer keyboard standing next to your phone or tablet and you can’t convert it into virtual keyboard to type your long message quickly on any of your mobile devices. Yes, there are many multi-device bluetooth keyboards on the market that allow you to switch between a computer and a phone or tablet on the fly, but they are not suitable for those who use a laptop directly.

So the question is why not use your computer keyboard on your iPhone or tablet for example? Pretty much all computers and laptops have bluetooth after all.

A convenient and economical Bluetooth keyboard

This is what the Typeeto utility provides to MacOS users. Launched few years ago, just like its competitor Type2Phone, it costs $9.99 but it has much easier setups and better interface.

Typeeto makes it possible to make a Mac a virtual Bluetooth keyboard. Simply pair the computer with the devices of your choice, then an icon in the taskbar and keyboard shortcuts allow you to switch from one to the other on the fly. You are allowed to add as many devices you like, and later on you can easily switch between them from Typeeto inside taskbar. 

App interface don’t have that many options. Once you open app preferences interface, there are 3 main tabs that allow you to configure the app, which are General (allow you to change some basic options like sound effects, icons, etc…), Devices (view devices you connected with your keyboard) and Themes (choose between 2 interface themes which are Black and White)

You can enter text comfortably on an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Apple TV, Android TV player or TV, or a console. You can even copy text on macOS and paste it onto another device. Convenient for a secure URL or password.

A solution that is both practical and economical for all those who juggle several devices, and they are numerous.

Unfortunately we do not know of any equivalent solution for Windows. If you know of them, share them in the comments!

The Eltima editor offers in any case other utilities for macOS as well as for Windows, such as USB Network Gate, which allow to share USB peripherals with other computers via the local network, but we will talk about that in other upcoming reviews.

  • Interface - 95%
  • Easy to use - 100%
  • Options & Features - 85%
  • Price - 90%
  • Support - 95%

about the author:

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