Logitech G203 Prodigy Review

Logitech – a very well known to all generations of gamers around the world. While other brands pumped prices, Logitech has continued in its tradition, which holds a reasonable price for the quality. An example of one such product is the Logitech G203 Prodigy.

A relatively new mouse, kicked out in January this year. Attractive, primarily because of the good price and excellent performance. Although it is classified as a gaming mouse, the modified version of G Pro mouse can also be used in the office environment. The difference between the G Pro and G203 are the cable and sensor. With G Pro version cable is braided, while the G203 rubbed. G Pro has Pixart 3366 sensor which is used in some popular mice from Logitech, such as G502, G303, G403, while G203 Prodigy uses a sensor that was produced by Logitech, and sensor name is Mercury. In addition, the shape and dimensions of mice are exactly the same, except that the G Pro is $40 more expensive.

Layout and production

Modeled after the old G100s which is classic FPS veteran, Logitech created G203 Prodigy. The design is simple, it is not in the style of today’s gaming mice tuned with unnatural forms. Illuminated logo in the middle with semicircular line is nicely integrated with the buttons on the left and the DPI button in the middle. Of course, if you do not like the function of a button, you can change it. More on that later.

Although at first glance it seems stingy, while holding the mouse – your opinion will quickly change. The way it is made it gives a completely different feeling. The texture is such that there is no chance that the mouse hovers at any time. Clicks are quite loud, but in a good way. Scroll precisely defined and each step of the circles is clearly expressed. There are in total 5 sliders, 4 in the corners and 1 around the sensor. The mouse weighs only 93 grams, which puts it into the category of the lightest gaming mice. For comparison: Razer DeathAdder Elite weighs 105g, SteelSeries Rival 300 – 130g … Players who use low sensitivity settings will appreciate G203 mouse a lot. Of course, do not get the impression that the mouse is completely “empty” because of the weight. It has a perfect balance between a sense of quality and actual weight. Personally I use palm grip and I can tell you that for this kind of posture mouse is pretty comfortable. I quickly got used to when I change from Razer DeathAdder to G203, although it is quite different.


As for the technical part of the mouse it has an optical sensor Mercury and DPI goes up to 6000. The logo and contour have RGB lighting that can be adjusted. There is 16.8 million colors, which is quite well transmitted into reality. We have two modes of light, breathing and color cycling. In addition, we can change the intensity and time “breathing”, and the brightness. It is astonishing that there is no permanent lights, i.e. you can not install a color that will not have any effect, but only light. If your function keys do not match, you can modify some of the offered colors inside the software.

Software that Logitech offers is very easy to use. Without any difficulty, all in one place. It offers adjusting the color, DPI values ​​and others which will be loved by most games today.

Logitech G203 Prodigy Ratings
  • Design - 90
  • Easy to use - 90
  • Options & Features - 80
  • Price - 85
  • Support - 90


Priced at only $40 you get a mouse with simple but modern design. RGB lighting, desired DPI, and most importantly - comfortable mouse decent quality. With a good optical sensor will help you in gaming.


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