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Alongside Spotlight the Finder is probably the most popular Mac utility. However it is also important to mentioned an app that is responsible for file management. That app is developed by Eltima and their application is called Commander One.

Command One is a free application that was fully designed with the new Swift programming language from Apple.

Its goal is to improve the Finder by adding a lot of new features and is distinguished by its adjustable file and document management window.

Certainly, under OS X El Capitan it is possible  to combine several windows of the Finder into one but it is still necessary to use the mouse to move things from one to the other.

With this application that replace the Finder, using the keyboard and mouse makes it easy to manage files and documents.

Command One offers 3 modes for previewing your files, ranging from a presentation in the form of icons to the display in lists or columns.

The double view of Commander One actually makes it possible to display in each wing of the new Finder a multitude of autonomous windows, being able to use the symbol “+” to open them one after the other.

This makes it easy to move from one folder to another without having to go back or manage scattered windows in Mission Control mode.

Of course you can drag and drop items from one window to another in a simple way. This is especially useful when you use your Mac with devices such as external hard drives or USB flash drives.

We tested Commander One in free version which is available for 15 days which gives you access to an array of features, however to access to full version you will have to buy Command One Pro.

With “Commander One Pro”, you can manage computers that are connected in network mode using Bonjour technology, iOS and MTP devices, and activate an active process viewer, in addition to the usual Mac folders, Activity on your Mac.

By plugging in your iPhone or iPad, you can directly access the contents of their folders without having to go through a third-party application.

Each window that is activated in this way is kept in a history that makes it possible to find oneself in no time while it is possible to put in favorites those that are used on a regular basis.

At the bottom of the window are previews of keyboard shortcuts that can be activated using the function keys that allow you to quickly perform actions such as editing, creating new folders, or deleting items.

Going through the preferences panel you can access extensive features, including keyboard shortcuts.

The formats supported by Commander One range from binary files to files, media, text or HMTL.

The Commander One menu bar has a number of nice features, including a button that automatically hides the Finder’s hidden folders in OS X El Capitan, provides additional information about file types, previews content Or research.

In this regard, search phrases can be used to cover both folders and files, but also subfolders and even compressed hard disks.

When executing commands, you can even queue some operations if they are too long, and have them in front of you at all times.

Command One in its Pro version also has a built-in FTP file manager, an archive tool with the choice of default compression format and password protection and a mode definition Compression (slow, normal, fast, max).

You can also add direct access to your Dropbox account and share content through links transfer.

The Pro version of Commander One, available at US $29.95, literally pushes the possibilities of the Finder to maximum and makes it one of the applications on which we will definitely keep our eye on and we certainly choose as one irreplaceable applications for Mac OS X.

Command One Ratings
  • Interface - 95
  • Easy to use - 85
  • Options & Features - 99
  • Price - 90
  • Support - 95


If you are looking for quality dual pane file manager for Mac, Command One is definitely the best solution for you

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