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While our Macs are usually very efficient, there are things that can not be avoided such as filling the system cache, occupying the trash can with deleted files, storing files that we did not know were there, etc. All this makes our disk space and performance affected and we do not have the possibility to solve it in an effective way. That’s why CleanMyMac was born, an application that knows our system perfectly and will help us keep it clean and tidy.

Having released its third version recently, CleanMyMac has become the cleaning and maintenance manager for our Macs. With it we can do a deep cleaning of the system, uninstall applications precisely, plan regular maintenance actions and optimize the system.

System Analysis

The easiest way to see CleanMyMac in action is to run your Mac analysis. This scan will look for system garbage, junk in our iPhoto library, attachments to emails downloaded to system folders (not the ones we have manually downloaded), problems and duplicates from our iTunes library, analysis of the Recycle bin and a list of the largest files in the system regardless of where they are stored.

Once the cleanup analysis is finished, we can get a more accurate view of all the sections and which files are going to be deleted, being able to keep the ones that interest us most without affecting the final result.

One of the things I liked most about this analysis is that it is very accurate, but only if we want to see it at such a level. At first the only thing that you are thinking about is the size of the files that are going to be eliminated by each part of the analysis, but if you need more information, all you have to do is access the detail of the section and you will see each and every one of them. The files to be deleted, their weight, their location and we can even preview them. It is a very simple and comfortable way to show the most accurate information in case we want to go a little further.

Cleaning the system is not the only feature of CleanMyMac, we can also configure a series of utilities to keep our Mac functional. Those utilities include:

  • Uninstaller: With the uninstaller we can remove applications securely knowing that we will also dispose of each and every one of the files generated by the application.
  • Maintenance: We can configure a periodic maintenance of the system based on the cleaning of resources and optimization of functions. Of all the tasks we can emphasize the commands of maintenance, the verification of the disks or accelerate Mail.
  • Privacy: Depending on the browsers and messaging applications that we have installed on the system, we may delete certain tracking or privacy files that we have stored according to the use we give the application. This section also performs operations on Finder and its lists on recent files.
  • Extensions: Both the system and several native applications have the possibility of installing plugins or extensions that provide us with more utilities than normal ones. In this mode we can see all those extensions and eliminate them in case we do not want to use them anymore.
  • Shredder: Shredder is a special section of CleanMyMac 3 that allows to eliminate any file or document safely and without leaving any trace in the system.

New Dashboard

One of the new features is the Dashboard, a control panel of the main features of the computer. The Dashboard provides information about disk space, RAM, battery (in case it is a laptop) and processor.

At a glance we can see in what condition is our hard drive and how we dedicate that space (Photos, Applications, Music, etc.). We can also see the state of the RAM and free up a little if it is very full. The battery section will indicate how much your laptop is charged, remaining hours of use, cycles performed and general health. Finally, the processor will indicate the percentage of use with a graph that is updated in real time.

It is a very interesting tool since it comes great to know a little more about the state of the hardware of your Mac. CleanMyMac now not only cares about its software. In case we do not want to always open the application, we can place it in the menu bar to get all these details at the click of a button.

This menu will also serve as a management panel in case there is an application that we want to uninstall, some process fails or skip a notice for high consumption of RAM or memory on the disk. In this case we will obtain, through the floating window, the necessary options to perform according to what case.

The best software to get our Mac ready

Just like in old versions, we can configure alerts and periodic revisions. This way we can forget about the care of the system because if something goes wrong we will be notified or we will remember to pass the periodic review.

A Mac is a tool that works very well, but like any good machine it needs maintenance. CleanMyMac 3 is the perfect software to perform this maintenance thanks to the experience that its developers have.

It is practically adapted to OS X Yosemite obtaining the maximum possible return after the analyzes and the tasks. Managing the Photos library is the only thing I have detected that is not 100% implemented, being a new application I see normal that is not adapted as it is with iPhoto, but I expect updates that enable that optimization.

Personally I know this application from its first version, it was one of the tools that I first installed when I got to the Mac platform and has been with me since then, helping me to have the system clean with all the files that are beyond our control.

CleanMyMac 3 is available for 40€ in your store with different discounts if we want to buy licenses to use on several Macs. In case you are users of CleanMyMac in its previous versions, you can get a 50% discount to upgrade to the latest version.

CleanMyMac 3 Ratings
  • Interface - 95
  • Easy to use - 85
  • Options & Features - 95
  • Price - 85
  • Support - 90


CleanMyMac 3 is the perfect software to perform this maintenance thanks to the experience that its developers have.


about the author:

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