Print Your Lumia 820 Covers in 3D

If you are creative person and want to make your Nokia Lumia 820 stand out from the rest here is a chance for you because the Finnish brand offers their users to download the characteristics of the Nokia Lumia 820 shell in order to print in 3D.

3D printing is on the rise at the moment and Nokia decided to benefits of moving around this new technology by providing an original service. This service include providing plans of their Lumia smartphone hull, starting with the Lumia 820 Nokia users will be able to print their own 3D shells.

This smartphone has, in effect, a removable cap and Nokia already offers a variety of colorful shells allowing users to further personalize their smartphone. Plans are available for download from this link and this one. Keep in mind that you must have a Nokia Account in order to activate the download. Lumia 620 smartphone should also enjoy the same preferential treatment in the coming days.

However there is a question how much this cover printing will actually cost, will it cost more than buying one from online stores? Based on our calculation it would cost you between 20 and 30 dollars for a basic shell, in terms of materials and colors. If you want to use more quality materials it can rich the price up to 150 or 200 dollars. We also suggest you to use this website to 3D print your Nokia Lumia covers: just download the plan from Nokia website and refine its application to activate a command shell.

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