How To Win a Nokia Lumia 920 by voting for your favorite applications?

Would you like a new phone? You’d especially would love to have last pearl of Nokia, the Nokia Lumia 920? You have a Facebook account? Then this contest is for you!

The official Facebook page of Windows Phone organizes the challenge “Windows Phone Next App Star” whose results will decide which application will have the chance to appear in a TV ad created by Hollywood! Youhou!

From 20 March to 6 April, you can try to win a Lumia 920 per day by logging here and choosing between the two applications proposed. Then, the preferred application users will be designated to go to round two, etc … You can vote 63 times in total and more you vote, the more chances you have to win a Lumia 920. Rounds will be held in few stages:

  • Round 1 : 20 to 22 march
  • Round 2 : 23 to 25 march
  • Round 3 : 26 to 29 march
  • Round 4 : 30 march to 1st April
  • Round 5 : 2 April to 5 April
  • Round 6 : 6 April to 8 April

Again, in order to participate in this great giveaway visit this web page on Facebook and signup with your Facebook account. Good luck to all our readers!