Microsoft will suspend the distribution of Windows Phone 7.8 because of a bug

Few weeks ago we showed you how to update to Windows Phone 7.8 from Windows Phone 7.5. However not all owners of a smartphone with Windows Phone 7.5 have received the update to the new version of the OS, and the reason for the delay seems to be due to a bug identified in the system which blocks the Live Tile update.

Microsoft has confirmed the existence of the problem and is likely to block the distribution of Windows Phone 7.8, waiting for the correction of the malfunction. In mid-February, a developer belonging to the homebrew community published a few posts on his blog in which he described in detail the problem: two of the three methods used by Windows Phone 7.8 to perform the update of the tile on the Start screen, forcing the operating system to perform an infinite loop of trying to pick up the content from the remote server, consuming huge amount of data of up to 600Mb, and leading to a drastic reduction in the autonomy of the battery.

Vodafone Germany, last week, had announced the discontinuation of the upgrade process from Microsoft and, in response to a request for information on the developer forums, Mark Chamberlain, Senior Engineer at Microsoft Developer Support has confirmed the bug, communicating that will be addressed in a future update:

There are two types of problems when it comes to Windows Phone 7.8 Tiles bug:

  • The live tile making continuous web requests (the side effect is the battery consumption)
  • The live tile does not update at all

The fix will be included in an update of the operating system. Several users have solved the problem with a unpinning and re-pinning the live tile (read this tutorial to find out how to fix problems with Windows 7.8 live tiles).

This could be a temporary workaround. Users who have not received the update will be notified when it is available a version of Windows Phone 7.8 correctly, while those who have already upgraded will receive a patch to correct it.

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