Tips on how to fix problem with Windows Phone 7.8 Live Tiles

Windows Phone 7.8 Live Tiles are nothing new to Windows Phone platform since they are existing in all versions of Windows 8. They allow you to easily pin most important apps, information’s, people, sings, games, photos and much more directly on your home scree.

While Windows Phone 7.8 continues to be accepted by users and now extends to more and more smartphones, we’re getting the first returns of uses, among which we also hear users reporting problems.

Note: If you problems with Windows 7.8 upgrade on your Nokia device, here is complete tutorial on how to force update to windows phone 7.8.

Windows Phone community news site WPCentral has written that they noticed concerns about the updates of Windows Phone 7.8 Live Tiles, when these were placed at the smaller size.

How to fix problem with Windows Phone 7.8 Live tiles?

These problems sometimes appear on Windows Phone 8 too, and in order to fix it users sometimes just resize the tile so that the update is done again. Unfortunately, this problem seems quite random as some users have noted no worries about their Windows Phone 7.8 Live Tiles, no matter the size they used.

If the problem still occurs even after resizing your tile, try reinstalling the application.

Have you updated your Nokia device to Windows Phone 7.8? If so, have you noticed such problems? We would love to hear your feedback!

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