Windows Phone: 75 000 New Applications in 2012

A few days before the end of the year, Microsoft is optimistic and very satisfied with the amount of apps developers have created. The editor states that they have received more than 75,000 new Windows Phone apps in 2012, and their catalog have more than doubled. However, some of the big names are still missing on Windows Phone devices.

Todd Brix, director of development of Windows Phone Marketplace, draws a positive balance of the last twelve months. A catalog of applications dedicated to Windows Phone, which continues to grow: it indicates that more than 75 000 new software have been published on the Store in 2012, a catalog whose size has more than doubled.

“On average Windows Phone users have downloaded 54 apps each to personalize their phone experience around the people and information they care about most.he writes on the blog dedicated to Windows Phone developers.

For Brix this is ​​the level of confidence in the marketplace, practicality, its ability to promote the discovery of new software and highly customizable applications like the Windows Phone participating in what he considers to be a success.

Among observers who adopt the point of view of the consumer, it is quickly argued that the size of the catalog is not an end in itself. Steve Kovach from BusinessInsider wrote an article in which he noted that it is probably very good for hosting 75,000 apps, but the apps which he would use almost every day are still missing, which includes apps such as Pandora, Instagram or Dropbox.

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