Windows Phone 8 SDK Preview Is Now Available!

Within a few days, it will be possible to download the preview of the new Windows Phone SDK 8.

The development environment contains, among other APIs WP8, which allow developers to create applications including the innovations introduced by the update, and an emulator to test it before publication.

Unfortunately, not everyone will have the access before Windows Phone 8 release (expected in late October)… The program developed by Microsoft offers the access to only certain amount of Windows Phone 7 developers. “Small developers” will have no choice but to wait.

This output is good news on the one hand for developers who will be able to create new applications or adapt their current to Windows Phone 8, but also for users! SDK available approximately two months before the release of the first smartphones ensures that we have a pretty good WP Store with already completed applications for this new improved version of the system.

Note however that there are no plans for Windows Phone 7.8. May it be because the SDK will not change compared to the current version (7.5).

To download this pack, you must be registered as a Windows Phone developer, and submit a request to Microsoft. More information on the official blog.

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