Nvidia still believes in Windows RT

A lot of people consider Windows RT not very useful, however it still manages to win the trust of Nvidia who still believes in his redemption. Although sales much lower than expected, confirmed by approximately $900 million of losses caused by Surface RT, the California-based company remains confident about the long-term results, and will therefore continue to offer its support for the ARM platform dedicated to CPU, one of which is also the Tegra 3.

The vice president of computing products Rene Haas, in an interview with Computer World website stated that the support of the company towards Windows RT will remain at a high level, since, according to the executive, the Surface RT is only the first step in a process that will be long and will allow the Redmond software house to grow in the mobile market.

Let us also note that there are about six million devices still in stock that are not sent to any store. Users, of course, still prefer the older brother of the Surface, the Pro version, which is the real Windows 8.

Nvidia, in this view, has enjoyed the decision by Microsoft to reduce the price of the tablet, which is the right choice according to the company that will lead to an increase in sales. Haas also said that employees use the Nvidia tablet with Windows 8.1 RT that introduced support for VPNs and includes Outlook RT, email client expected by the CEO Jen-Hsun Huang: “Outlook RT on Windows 8.1 RT is a great offer for us, and there is a baby version of Outlook or somehow reduced. We can use it to organize meetings and other purposes.

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