Here comes a new level of protection for the Windows 10 operating system

In April, Microsoft is planning to produce a sizable upgrade of its Windows 10 operating system.

Windows 10 Creators Update is the official name of the upgrade to the latest version of the giant from Redmond.

Although already very name suggests that it is a creative intention of Microsoft to offer new, better and more stable tools within Windows 10 OS, comes to upgrades that will bring some novelties.

One of these, perhaps of more interest, but certainly very important, relates to a new level of security and the method of control of the operating system. Microsoft, in fact, intends to implement the Windows Defender Security Center, a central location where users will adjust and control everything about the security of their operating system.

Windows Defender Security Center is designed as a single control center for security is divided into five different line level of protection; general safety and health of computers, antivirus and protection from threats, protecting applications and browser protection network and firewall, family setting.

Within these five segments of security control to users, according to Microsoft, far faster, better and easier to manage security settings and to have insight into whether it is all right with their operating system or computer.

Also, “a new way of protection should ensure that users are always absolutely protected to the maximum“, according to Microsoft.

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