First Microsoft Surface Jailbreak

A security researcher has found a way to jailbreak the Microsoft Source tablet to install standard ARM applications.

One of the features of Windows 8 is that it was declined for ARM architectures. Named Windows RT his particular edition took its place on the Microsoft Surface devices which become available since the end of October last year. For these tablets, Microsoft limits the installation of applications to those which are available in Windows Store and specially designed for the Modern UI interface.

A hacker called clrokr explains that he found a way to bypass the locking devices developed by Microsoft to install applications that can run on ARM standard desktop. Specifically, it explains how he managed to change the setting for the UEFI Secure Boot. The man added that he used WinDbg debugging tool for Windows to analyze the behavior of the system and exploit a vulnerability function NtUserSetInformationThread. For the moment the process is relatively heavy and should be done every time you restart the tablet.

Microsoft justified lock traditional ARM applications explaining that it was fully optimize the cycle of the battery of the tablet. It only remains us to see whether this first jailbreak will be simplified and if Microsoft will deliver a certain type of update to stop these practices. To gather more information’s about this visit this website.

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