LG will present a new generation of flexible OLED displays at SID 2013

Flexible displays will slowly start to settle in our devices and yet demonstrations are not uncommon. In next few months LG will present its latest developments at the next SID.

[adsense] LG have chosen the SID (Society for Information Display) in Vancouver whose presentations will take place from May 21 to 23, to present the latest advances that they have made regarding the OLED technology.

Besides the gorgeous 55-inch curved OLED display presented at CES and announced as available from June, LG should take advantage of the agreement to lift the veil on a screen size of 5 inches.

Created especially for mobile devices, the screen is made ​​from plastic, making it both flexible and potentially unbreakable.

It is primarily this second point that should be highlighted in the next smartphones from LG: the ability of the screen to resist shocks or crushing stresses, twisting or pressure.

While many see the flexible screens on smartphones as an opportunity to fold their devices and put them easily inside the pocket, the main interest of this type of screen lies above all in the strength that it brings, well before the aesthetic advantages.

LG will also introduce new screens of 5 and 7 inch TFT Oxide. The main novelty of these screens is the presence of borders only 1 mm thick whihc will make devices with an almost solid surface display. These screens will advertise as much energy efficient than their traditional counterparts.

Finally, LG will demonstrate its HD screen for laptops, with a size of 14 inches and resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

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