LG revealed more details about LG G6

LG has already that 26. February in Barcelona they will present their next phone, and now are here and the official invitations that are discover more details about the device itself, but also reaffirmed that its G6.

The invitation itself reveals the main slogan “big screen that fits“, which confirms information and photos that have leaked these days that the phone will still be able to be used with one hand.

The phone is supposed to have the big screen from 5.7 inch, almost seamless, with relation to the device screen size greater than 90%.

The screen resolution will be 1440 × 2880 with atypical format 9:18. The latest rumors say that LG will use the name True Vision for new screen.

In the South Korea market it should be available at 10. March, and in the United States of America 7. April.

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