Huawei now have reserved section in Windows Phone Store

Windows Phone developers have a “zone” on the Windows Phone Store of their own, which is a place where they can freely upload the applications that they have developed for Windows Phone devices.

After HTC (and HTC Apps), Nokia (and Nokia Collection), Samsung and even LG, Huawei now has its own area. Called Huawei Selected, this area will be used by the manufacturer to make available the applications of their choice on their Windows Phone.

For the moment, no exclusive apps is displayed in the Huawei Selected area, because the manufacturer does offer any new applications that are not already available. We believe that Huawei will need some time before they start uploading new applications inside their exclusive area.

Let us also recall that the target market for the Chinese manufacturer is essentially an entry-level and Windows Phone low priced device to fight against the other Android devices in some parts of the world.

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