Leakage Of a Mysterious New Smartphone, Possibly Designed By Huawei?

We’ve had some leaks, rumors and reports about new Huawei Windows Phone 8 smartphones, or at least one in particular: Ascend W1. However, it seems that the Chinese manufacturer has also worked on another model slightly more upscale than its little brother. Let’s look at the leaked pictures of this mysterious new device.

A design that reminds us of a cross between the Nokia Lumia 920 (front) and some of the Lumia 820 (behind), with its edges slightly rounded. It also has a certain resemblance to the Ascend W1. However, instead of having the camera in the middle, it is located in the upper left corner of the device. In addition, a grid is placed speakers on the other side, in the upper right corner.

We are still doubtful about the identity of the manufacturer designed this model. We have beautiful speculation about the involvement of Huawei, you will notice as no Chinese manufacturer logo is visible.

Baptized for the moment Ascend W2 (later in the Ascend W1), we do not know if this is really a copy of the new smartphone which Huawei didn’t unveiled yet, or just a prototype. More questions than answers, but what stir our curiosity! What do you think of this mysterious smartphone?

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