HTC One 2: Will we see Sapphire Home button and the fingerprint sensors?

The HTC One 2 has a delicate task to accomplish: they can’t disappoint users who have begun to see the Taiwanese company with different eyes than in recent years after the launch of the HTC One in February 2013.

Last year, despite the persistent economic crisis, HTC showed that with a smartphone that is well designed and with cutting edge features you can get great support. Now we need to consolidate our position and make everyone understand that HTC is not dead.

The M8, as it is called in inside the Taiwanese company, seems to have a Sapphire Home button and a fingerprint sensor. The question is whether these two will be integrated into a single solution, as it’s made ​​by Apple with the iPhone 5s or if they are divided . The HTC One Max has already shown that the intention of HTC is to insert the fingerprint scanner on their products , in this specific case in the back. It was not until just a few weeks yet, since they all point to February-March period as the release of the HTC M8.

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