HTC Promises Quality Windows Phone 8 Smartphones

HTC is expected to unveil its Windows Phone 8 smartphones on September 19. The manufacturer promises a careful design as important as on Android… unlike some of its competitors.

Samsung and Nokia have started to present their first smartphone Windows Phone 8, in anticipation of the launch of the mobile platform from Microsoft that could occur on October 29. The Taiwanese manufacturer must do the same on September 19 at an event held in New York.

The director of marketing and sales of HTC, Jason Mackenzie, prepares the ground. He said to Reuters that Nokia had made no announcement of partnering with mobile operators to distribute its terminals during the presentation of the Lumia 820 and 920.

Windows Phone 8 also important that Android for HTC

For its part, HTC has already high expectations of several operators in different geographical areas to distribute its Windows Phone 8 smartphones. The manufacturer’s representative also said that HTC had taken particular care to design its future range, unlike other manufacturers who also producing Android smartphones and spend less effort on the side of Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 8 smartphones from HTC will be announced September 2012

HTC taken seriously Windows Phone 8 production same as on Android devices and offer the same level of quality and design in both cases especially when others are there to make presence in the segment. If the name of Samsung is not mentioned by Jason Mackenzie, its hard not to think of the Korean group was the first to announce a model with Windows Phone 8 ATIV S.

If the speech is calibrated in anticipation of the press conference, he also wants to mark the intention not to consider HTC Windows Phone 8 as an exercise in style. Jason Mackenzie reiterated that the current concerns of HTC, whose activity slowed sharply after years 2010-2011 (almost same as Acer) thriving and struggling to regain momentum, are only temporary. The manufacturer intends to take initiatives to regain visibility by advertising and social networks.

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