HTC cleanup, many executives leave the company

The year 2013 seemed destined to be the year of revenge for HTC, thanks to a high-quality product, the smartphone HTC ONE, and a series of changes at the level of marketing that would demonstrate the strong willingness of the company to break with the past.

The Taiwanese are just now collecting the fruits of, perhaps, later counter-moves to a crisis that had struck them in full. Currently the accounts of Asian society are still in the red, despite sales of HTC ONE are starting to rise, but above all it is the entire management staff to express discontent and, in some cases, to leave the company.

Kouji Kodera, (former) Chief Product Officer, left his seat last week: he was the man responsible for the overall strategy on HTC-branded products, not just a manager, and this is not an isolated case. Jason Gordon, vice president of global communications; Rebecca Rowland, global retail marketing manager, John Starkweather, director of digital marketing, and Eric Lin (whos tweet you can see at the bottom) product strategy manager. All these people have left HTC over the past three months.

One of the failures that HTC had recently, is HTC First, called the “Facebook Phone”, whihc is a smartphone dedicated to Facebook users, but it failed miserably. The exclusive offer in fact, ended on the day of its marketing, since Facebook Home has been made available on the Google Play Store immediately after the presentation, while its price with contract was cut by $99 to 99 cents. A real debacle.

At this point, the whole environment is also expected to abandon ship starting from the CEO, Peter Chou, who has strongly insisted on the marketing of ONE although there were serious problems of supply.

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