Here is how HTC One looks inside – HTC One Teardown

The HTC ONE was analyzed in all its external component and all its software functionality. However, until now no one had “dared” to open the device to see how it worked, the. From a few hours now, there are some pictures running online of a disassembly of the HTC One. The photos show an impressive attention to every detail. Enjoy the pictures posted inside the gallery.

In addition to the unknown technician, portal iFixit has enjoyed disassemble the HTC ONE, noting that the level of repairability, unfortunately for users, is very low. In fact, the final vote (vote of 0 to 10, where the higher the rating, the easier repair), is equal to 1. The well-known portal also lists what are the main points to consider on this device:

  • Very difficult (perhaps impossible) to open the device without damaging the rear of the case. This figure makes replacement of each component extremely difficult
  • Access to the battery is especially complicated (it is positioned under the motherboard)
  • The display can not be replaced without removing the case back. This figure makes the repair of a component common replacement almost impossible
  • The copper shielding of many components is difficult to remove and replace

The entire technical operation performed by iFixit is available at this link.

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