HTC One: Google Edition without HTC Sense overlay coming soon?

The HTC One could make an appearance in Google Edition with pure Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, without HTC Sense overlay.

After Samsung Galaxy S IV Edition Google announced Google I / O with the distinction of being unlocked and without overlay, we will see the same thing with a HTC One Google Edition? This is suggested by the site that says it could be offered soon in the United States.

[adsense] The smartphone would be offered with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean without HTC Sense overlay, which can also mean that some current specific functions to the model would not be available in this special edition.

This version may be offered through the Google Play Store, with an announcement within two weeks and availability during the summer. Information to be conditional because HTC has always been very attached to its services via HTC Sense personify its smartphones over the competition and provide additional user experience.

Moreover, between the concerns of shortage of components that have delayed its launch and production already struggling to meet demand, and nearly 5 million units already delivered or ordered, there will may not be greatly available for HTC One in pure version. also suggests that HTC One Sense layer without that work as well or better than the standard model could give the impression of shooting themselves in the foot and lead to a rejection of HTC Sense among users, outside the sphere of advanced users using custom ROM.

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