Use More Than One Languages on an Android Device

There has been almost a decade since the Android operating system was launched for the smartphones. Due to the millions of easy and helpful features that Android operating system supports, its popularity increased in a short period of time. It doesn’t require an individual to know English specifically, in order to operate the system. However, the features that Android offers, is a big list, on the top of that you can use any sort of language on your phone while using the Android operating system.

In this content, we shall demonstrate the method of how you can use more than one languages on an android device and how to switch to different languages that are suitable and better understood by the individuals using it. The language would be changed for the phone as well as the voice command and for different voice features.

The steps are not so complicated and easy to understand. First you have to do is to open up the “Settings” application on your phone.

Once you opened the settings, there is an option of “Language input”. By tapping over it; a screen will open where you have to click on “Languages” options.

Use more than one language on an Android PhoneIn that “Languages” option, there would be a list of languages being spoken all around the globe. You can choose your suitable language. There would be an installation of the language that won’t take more than a few minutes.

Use more than one language on an Android PhoneIn the previous Android versions (below Android 3.00), the keyboard did support only a few popular languages. You shall have to download a Keyboard for your language from Google Play Store. However, the keyboards in latest version of Android devices afford different languages.

As you have installed the language, the phone will be restarted in your chosen language. Everything would be in that language as well as the greeting demo at the start of the phone.

Add a dictionary for your new language (Text Correction): Tap on the correction texts option the keyboard, download the recommended dictionary for your language, you can select for text correction modest or never.

Use more than one language on an Android PhoneThe best part about using different languages on your Android devices is that you can switch between the downloaded and installed languages on your phone quite easily just by tapping on the Globe at the bottom of the keyboard. Almost every latest Keyboard has that option such as Swift-Key and others.

Enjoy thousands of languages by switching them from one to another that is quite easily. However, more languages are still under development for Android devices.

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