How To Unlock Bootloader On LG Nexus 4?

A lot of you probably intend to buy the LG Nexus 4, which is the new Google phone built by the South Korean manufacturer. But how many of you are planning to unlock the bootloader?

Google has lunched Nexus 4 back in November 13th and it was developed in partnership with LG. This device works under latest version of Android feature an impressive 4.7-inch screen. If you are on owner of this impressive device, and you want to unlock bootloader this how to guide will help you.

What will you get by unlocking bootloader on your Google/LG Nexus 7?

To make it simple, by unlocking LG Nexus 4 bootloader you can remove a security system that has the effect of giving new access in order to perform different ADB commands to customize the your Android smartphone environment  Be careful though, once your “door are opened”, any person with good computer knowledge can access your personal data even if you are not root (note: even though this is very rare, we must underline it).

Attention, by performing these changes on your LG Nexus 4 you may cause a malfunction if the instructions are not properly followed. can not be held responsible if this happens.

It should also be noted that after this operation, you will lose your warranty as well as all of your data. So remember to make a backup of your applications, SMS, personal contacts, etc…

Before you begin unlocking process, you must have certain tools:

  • You must download Android SDK and install it on your computer. All operations will be in the platform-tools folder (it can be found in C:\android-sdk-windows\Android\platform-tools\ or C:\Program Files(x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools\ depending on the version of Windows your have);
  • Using USB to MicroUSB cable connect your computer to your LF Nexus 4 smartphone;

Unlock Bootloader on LG Nexus 4

After gathering all these tools and equipment, you can begin the necessary manipulations to unlock the bootloader.

Step 1: Start by turning off your phone and then press and hold the Volume and Power buttons to land on Fastboot mode. You will see a green robot and the word “Start”.

Step 2: Then connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable.

Step 3: Wait for the drivers to install and then lunch Windows Explorer and open this C:\android-sdk-windows\Android\ or this C:\Program Files(x86)\Android\android-sdk\ path depending on which version of Windows you are using.

Step 4: Select folder platform-tools, press Shift on your keyboard and then right mouse click on that folder. From conext menu that opens up click on “Open command window here”.

Step 5: Then type the following command, which will verify that you are connected to your phone:

fastboot devices

Step 6: It should display a series of numbers. If this command does not work, check that the drivers are properly installed. Once that is done, type the last command that will unlock the Nexus 4:

fastboot oem unlock

After rebooting, you can take full advantage of new features such as the installation of a Custom Recovery, a custom boot image, etc…

about the author:

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