How To Turn your Android Device into a Mobile Office?

A lot of people are dreaming having their mobile office and working from anywhere they wont, for example lying in the grass or sitting on the terrace of a bar. No matter how comfortable it is your office, going outside when the weather is beautiful is something we all wont, and that satisfaction can make your work much more progressive.

Android mobile office

[adsense] Thanks to technology you can bring all the elements of an office in your mobile device, using only an Android device and Internet access via 3G or WiFi. As we’ve told you in the past how to set up a mobile office, today we will focus on how to convert your Android device into real mobile office.

You obviously can not replace 100% of your office using your Android phone. For example you can not, prepare a coffee, or print directly from the phone. But you can, for example, scan a document and send it via email, send a fax, read a PDF, edit a document or create meeting by video conference. Combining different applications for Android, you are able to perform most tasks you do in your office.

Scan Documents

The first step for your mobile office it is to keep your most important documents near you, no matter how far we are from our real office. Most of the reports or documents we work with are in paper format, so to be able to read them comfortably, you need to scan them and convert to images or digital documents. Here are the apps that can help in this process:

  • CamScanner: It is the most popular app. Scan documents in minutes, edit and share the result via Dropbox, Drive or Box.
  • PDF Document Scanner: This app will convert text documents into digital PDF paper which is easy to read on your Android. It also corrects any deviation or error scanning.
  • Mobile OCR: In addition to scanning your paper documents, this tool helps you convert the result into digital text to read and edit with a suitable program. It recognizes more than 25 different languages ​​and is easy to use and it have fast conversion.
  • ScanDoc: As in the previous case, you can scan documents into several languages ​​and convert them into digital documents. It also allows you to send the results via email or SMS.

Read documents

Once you have your papers digitized, now you need to have an app the will allow you to read those documents. For most people that’s enough and they don’t require any document editing, or at least to be able to add annotations. There are applications for Android which are specialized in this, read documents and add notes, which will save you time and help you stay on top of all your tasks which you had to do in your office.

  • Adobe Reader: This list can not be imagined without this application, the most popular PDF which is also available for Android devices. Besides opening PDF documents, you can search within the document, zoom in and zoom out the text to read it better and make annotations, highlight text in color, etc..
  • OfficeSuite Viewer: If you have documents in various formats, including DOC, RTF, XLS, PPT and PDF, this handy universal viewer will help you to read documents in standard formats like these. It also lets you access your files from Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive.
  • Office Reader: This app is compatible with Office formats: Word text documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Docs Viewer: Another universal viewer, compatible with Microsoft Office documents, OpenOffice, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Edit documents

What if you have to create your own reports? For this you will need document editor. In Android there are some apps that allow you to perform these tasks, and they are very good. It is obvious that you will be more convenient to write from a big screen, like a tablet, but if you have no other, these applications are also very good optimized for Android smartphones.

  • Kingsoft Office: One of the best office tools for Android, supports over 20 formats, including text, spreadsheets and presentations. It supports Google Drive, Dropbox and Box, and allow you to create documents from scratch or edit existing ones. Indispensable.
  • Google Drive: If you save your documents in Drive (Google storage service), this application will be very useful and essential, as it is the best way to edit documents in the cloud. Changes are synced instantly and allows advanced tasks.
  • Documents To Go: More modest than the previous two, this file editor can edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint and it allows you to read PDF documents. Particularly remarkable support for spreadsheets, which has nothing to envy to Microsoft Excel.
  • ThinkFree Office: Another handy Office document editor with support for Google Drive and functions in the cloud with ThinkFree Online.

Video and Audio Conference

In addition to work with documents, you must communicate with your office mates and clients. You can do it via email, but the most direct way is through instant messaging or via video conference. Here are some apps which will help you to see and hear your colleagues in meetings.

  • Skype: The most popular application for video conferencing, which allows text chat, voice and video calls and it also allows you to have conversations with multiple people at once.
  • ooVoo: Less known is the ooVoo application, also specializing in video conferencing. It offers good quality, with the right connection, enabling conversations up to 12 people.
  • Tango: Another unknown app that provides quality video calls, more casual, but equally effective, which also offers sending text, pictures and phone calls.

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