How to Transform your HDTV into a Smart TV

If you have bought a HDTV few months ago, and you want to convert it in to Smart TV, then you have to go through many changes in order to convert your HDTV in to smart TV. In old days, people use to connect computer Cable in to TV to watch movies from Netflix etc, and play games.

transform HDTV to Smart TV

But later when people realized that a computer may not be the best approach to watch movie stuff, there were many reasons behind that, one of them was, computers are too expensive and / or high, they do much more than you make a smart TV as they will consume a lot of energy and transform it up and down for long, but question arises what is the best solution to convert you HDTV into a Smart TV. Well there are multiple solutions available for it few of them are as follows:


Below, I have mentioned some generic solutions that are helpful for converting HD TV to Smart TV. They all have their advantages and disadvantages,

Connect a computer to the TV:

If we observe carefully, most of TV do possess VGA input port, and if they do not, most computers today have an HDMI output. The great advantage of this solution is that nothing beat a PC in terms of performance. You will be able to play high quality games, and all formats of film, when you got connected, The problem with the computers is their high power consumption, price, and noise. Laptops like Ultra books and the Mac Book Air is the best solution to minimize energy consumption and noise, but they are relatively expensive, if your goal is to manage some basic multimedia stuff, then its best solution for you to go with.

Connect a Tablet to the TV:

Tablets come at a low price, and they have relatively low energy consumption, and most of them can be connected to an HDMI connector on the TV. The control of the tablet from the couch could be a problem; you have to manage your location so that you may not get uncomfortable with it.

Use your game console:

Xbox 360, PS3 all have pretty decent multimedia features. In particular, the PS3, Blue – Ray, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, support is an interesting approach. The Wifi seems to be going towards a multimedia device, and it is definitely something worth discussing.

Use a dedicated, inexpensive box or dongle, to connect to your TV and make it a Smart TV:

Having “computer “, “Xbox” and “PS3” is not the best solution always, you can use a dedicated Dongle to connect you TV and make it Smart TV. There are many solutions in this area. You may want a particular brand to go with Apple TV (although they extremely limited and you’ll probably want is really a jail broken, but they are very expensive on eBay). There are actually a lot of options, and it is difficult to make a good decision. Currently X-Box is the best of all to play games and watch movies.


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